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Make An Unforgettable Trip In Himachal Pradesh


Whether it’s summer or winter, Himachal is always an ideal go-to destination whether it’s for a vacation or honeymoon, a short trip, or workaction. There are several attractions from snow-capped mountains, skiing opportunities, pristine valleys, ancient monasteries, shimmering lakes, historical heritage and so much more. If you’re looking for some exciting, beautiful and peaceful destinations here’s a list of places you can look to visit in this guide. 

Best Time To Visit Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a place you can visit anytime. And at different points of time in the year you’ll experience a different flavour of the place.

Summer: Summers in Himachal begin in April and end in June. In this season, the air is cool. During this time the hilly area is open and accessible to tourists with clear paths to tread on. The weather is pleasant and there is room for every activity from trekking to paragliding, mountaineering and river rafting.

Monsoon: monsoons begin in mid-June and end in September. During monsoon, most tourist destinations outdoors receive heavy downpours and the hilly tracts become slippery and hazardous to tread. Monsoon season is also marked by landslides, flood-like situations and roadblocks. Therefore it remains restricted during this time.

Winter: winter season in Himachal is typically frigid. The temperatures drop, there’s heavy snowfall, and the landscape is covered with a thick white layer of snow. Winters remain a season of restricted tourist activity in outdoor destinations, especially in certain areas which become inaccessible. 

Places To Visit In Himachal Pradesh

Spiti Valley


Spiti valley is a high elevation region in Himachal Pradesh that encompasses valleys of river spiti and several of its tributaries. The region includes numerous places to visit ranging from monasteries to Tal, mountain passes, quaint hamlets and even national parks. The notable ones are Baralacha La pass, kibber and Losar village, kunzum pass, Dhankar lake, Chandratal, Tabo monastery, Lhalung monastery. Pin valley National park is a reserve for endangered flora and fauna. You can greet and interact with animals and nature. 



Malana is a beautiful village located in the valley of Parvati. It is sparsely inhabited and marked by limited houses. It has existed for ages and has several legends about its existence. The most interesting story about this village is that its inhabitants are believed to be direct descendants of Alexander. In addition, it has several characteristics like administrative laws, cultural social arrangement, etc that resemble that of Greek culture. Malana is a village to visit if you go to Himachal Pradesh. 



Thanedar is a unique location in Himachal that is famous for various orchards. It has several orchards like apples and cherries. Tourists love to pluck fruits straight from the trees that supply cartons of juicy apples all around India. Thanedar orchards are supervised and overlooked by resorts. It is one of the offbeat locations in Himachal Pradesh you would like to visit especially with a partner. It is recommended especially for couples since the entire landscape painted with colours of fruits and trees creates a romantic ambience fit for love birds. 


Barot offers a broad range of outdoor activities and recreation. It has the splendid Uhl River which is of great benefit to people and wildlife and a trout spawning centre, fish ranches and the Nargu Wildlife sanctuary. Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is situated across the Uhl river and is home to Himalayan goral, several pheasants, black bears and much more wildlife and fauna. A road takes you through the shelter to Kullu.


The evergreen forests that occupy the natural sanctuary are home to colossal deodar trees. There are a number of trekking trails, making it a coveted trekking destination among adventure-seeking enthusiasts. It is a popular hiking destination. 

Pabbar Valley


Pabbar valley is a combination of scenic splendour and natural heritage. It offers something for everyone to walk through and cherish a unique experience in their own way. There are various fruit orchards, picturesque hamlets, and fast-flowing brooks. This valley attracted British viceroys for camping and recreation in the region. A walk around the Pabbar valley is diverse: there are small villages, set aloof from the hustle and bustle, dense forests of cedar, oak and birch. It can offer several activities such as camping, walking, hunting, rafting, paragliding and many more. 


Himachal Pradesh is an ideal destination to seek various experiences from recreation to adventure sports like trekking, paragliding, hiking, rafting, etc. It can leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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