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Best Travel Tips In Lampedusa, Italy

Are you planning a trip to Italy’s southernmost island and wondering what are you missing from a perfect trip? 

Wind blowing through your hair, exploring the narrow lanes of Lampedusa, beach water washing your feet on the shore of the island are a few things that one would never fail to admire about Lampedusa. 

Lampedusa is a mini island in the largest of Italy’s Pelagian Archipelago renowned for its sand beaches, loggerhead sea turtles and dolphins swimming along. It is the perfect destination for a gorgeous trip that adds all the Italian touchpoints you wish. 

And, you cannot skip the scuba diving and snorkeling that one generally seeks on their vacations. 

While you plan your trip to Lampedusa for that relaxing phase of your life, don’t forget to add these values to your trip.

Tabaccara Bay: A Great Choice To Swim Along The Crystal Water

This boat destination on the island will give you chills down your body with its electric-blue waters and awe-inspiring sights. 

It is that place where you will find the Lampedusa’s unspoiled turquoise waters, which is your natural saltwater pool for the day and will give you a mermaid ride along the rocky cove of the beach. 

The sad part is it is only accessible via boat, and you cannot swim along the waters but only feel it. 

The fun fact is that the water is so clear for you to see the boats floating in the air. 

To get the best view of the sea life swimming underneath the boat, don’t forget to add the bay to your list. 

Scuba Diving Or Snorkelling In Lampedusa, Which One?

Lampedusa gives you the best experiences of what is lying under the waters and is a fantastic place if you are a beginner at scuba diving and snorkeling.

From parrotfishes to dolphins, from stingrays to reef sharks, everyone passes by as smoothly as they are neighbors. 

And the exciting part is, for more well-equipped and advanced scuba divers, it has kept its caves and tropical reefs hidden under waters waiting for you.

 Scuba diving and snorkeling can be booked via diving companies present on the island.

Are You A Seafood Lover? It is incomparable. 

The culinary experts and master chefs have come together at Lampedusa to serve you what is unbeatable. 

Rome has always held specialization in plates of seafood as their local fishermen work tremendously and own a busy schedule. 


Do you wish to sit back and enjoy some seafood after scuba diving or a tiring day? Then Bar dell’ Amicizia has brought for you their famous cannoli with fried pastry tubes – with a filling of sweet ricotta cheese. 

Or want a satisfying lunch with slow food movement? Then Trattoria Terranova De Bernardo is the right place, above all. 

Celebrate this vacation of yours with the local and traditional way of cooking Italian pasta undoubtedly. 

A Dramatic Sunset Of Capo Ponente 

A drive to Capo Ponente would give you the most dramatic sunset off the cliff. There exists no better viewpoint for a picnic than this. 

Capo Ponente is the best place in Lampedusa to watch for dazzling sunset and the sea for you to gaze. 
Plan your trip from Capo Ponente to Tunisia around Lampedusa. 

Surf Along With Lampedusa’s Turtle Groups 

The beaches of Lampedusa are just as serene as you might have heard them too. It is the breeding ground and the battlefield of an endangered species of turtles of Caretta Caretta. 

This species habitat on the island in May and April, which makes it difficult to catch one. 

The Lampedusa turtle group plays a significant role in rescuing and rehabilitating this endangered species and saves nearly 100s of them every year. 

If you are there for quite some time, then you can surf and help them by volunteering in their outreach program to look after the turtles. 

The Cliffs Of The Northern Shore

No trip would be complete without a scooter ride around the narrow streets of the island, set in between the high cliffs of the intriguing Lampedusa that will make the wind go in your hair, and you’ll get a view of tones of birds flying over the cliff. 

Now that you have read all the tips to plan your perfect trip to Lampedusa in Italy do not forget to add Cala Francese, Uccello and Pisana, and the sanctuary of our Lady Porto Salvo. 

As far as your budget would be concerned, then do not worry. Lampedusa is meant for your cheap travel plan and not a fussy vacation in beach cabins. 

So, this season get all your luggage sorted and plan your itinerary to the eye-catching world of Lampedusa, the refugee island which has gained more tourism than refugees now.

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