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Top 7 Treks Near Bangalore In 2022

When it comes to traipsing routes across Karnataka is one of the states with the greatest wealth in the country. From obvious to difficult treks, Bangalore has many options for trekking. These treks are easily achievable for novices and were also reachable by road. One of the best ways to relax is to go on a hike and take in the beauty of nature. A very few trekking locations close to Bangalore that are suitable for both newcomers and experienced hikers are mentioned below.

Channagiri – A Day Trek for Beginners

Channagiri is roughly 1350 meters above sea level and is a simple but also manageable hike for people of all ages. This same journey is completed in about 2 hours. Views of the highlands close to Skandagiri are available from Channagiri, which is pretty close to Hill Station.

Including travel time, it’s a half-day trek and one of the simpler trekking locations close to Bangalore. This trek is lovely thanks to the verdant trails and picturesque vistas.

Skandagiri Trek

Skandagiri trek is home to one of the region’s breathtaking treks. This is a Trendy thing to do for millennial consumers and is usually carried out as both a night hike to see the captivating sunrise. Skandagiri, walking through the entire wilderness, is a must-do for outdoor enthusiasts and nature enthusiasts. This same journey demands approximately 4 hours to full, which includes an 8 km spacing. Children should not attempt this hike because it’s a mediocre challenge. Simply relaxing with this is a great time. dawn and a night hike near Bangalore. Regarding the past, there are some perspectives of old Hindu temples and fort ruins from the top. At an altitude of 1350 meters, Skandagiri, also known as Kalavara Durga, is located.

Madhugiri Trek: Climb To An Exciting Relationship

At such a peak of roughly 3950 feet, Madhugiri Fort is Currently the second monolithic boulder and a challenging trek. Madhugiri is only 110 kilometers from Bengaluru, and the trek there ends up taking about a half-day. The trek is simple, except for a few tricky and steep sections. The journey is rocky for the most part. For those who are unfamiliar, it is difficult because of the steep uphill and rocky hills.

Madhugir is located 100 km away from Bengaluru in the direction of Tumkur.

A modest level of difficulty. Certain intervals may be.

Trek Handi Gundi Betta

Even though Handi Gundi Goldfish is a short hike, it offers a spectacular view of Ramdevarabetta, Kabbaladurga, as well as a few other nearby hills. Handi Gundi Goldfish is a centralized hill that can be reached by passing through the village’s paths and farmlands. The trek route is marked, but it is still advised to travel with a local and avoid going it alone. Birds have been seen in the past. During the monsoon, exercise extra caution because it gets very slick and mossy. The entire journey takes 3–4 hours. You can visit several of the places where its popular film Sholay was filmed. Avoid missing the Ram-Lakshman twin hills, which according to locals, are associated with some Ramayana tales.


In addition to being a haven for hikers, Siddarabetta attracts pilgrims who come to the monument of Lord Siddalingeshwara housed inside the caves. Given that many Hindu shrines are thought to have meditated here, the location is known as Siddara Betta, which also translates to “Hill of Saints” in Kannada. It is an exhilarating trek because of the rocky terrain, lovely trails, charming landscapes, and caves. There are sightings of native animals including leopards, sloth bears, peafowl, and other forest birds. The other theme parks nearby are Madhugiri Fort and Channarayanadurga Fort. Again for the journey, at least 3 – 4 hours are required. Out of all the trekker locations nearby Bangalore, this may be one of the more challenging treks.

How to get there: Koratagere Taluk is 100 km from Bangalore in the direction of Tumkur.

Level of Difficulty: Difficult

Trek Makalidurga

Head to Makali Durga Journey if you want to experience mountainous terrain, lush green trails, and stunning lake viewpoints. Regardless of whether traveling as a family or group of friends, this weekend getaway is ideal for nature lovers, thrill seekers, and bird watchers. An absolute cameraman’s dream is Makali Durga. You request authorization from the forest department, and the trek is overseen by Karnataka Eco-Tourism. Your slot can be reserved online. The trek lasts for approximately 5 hours. The lake that resembles a map of South And Central America is the trek’s high point. On top of MakaliDurga Hill, which is 4430 feet above sea level, is a monastery and some ruins.


Nearby Bangalore, Anthargange is just an additional exciting and challenging night trekking location. Anthargange is renowned for its organic rock formations, and this same journey’ standouts are its tunnels and shrines. Anthargange is a 4021-foot-high journey together with massive rock formations,  thick woods, along with interesting pathways. Please do not go on the above trek alone, as it is a greatly helped trek. Purchase tickets from The hike takes approximately three days to complete.

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