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Top 5+ Blouse Designs In India

The thought of wearing a blouse with a usual design should not even wander your mind because we have some outstanding saree blouse designs to catch everybody’s a. It’s high time you ditch the usual designs and prints and try something special and fancy this time. From Boat Neck Designs to Backless Blouses – we have got the best blouse designs covered for you. These 5+ saree blouse design photos will help you make a more suitable decision for sure.

1. Keep It Glamourous


This saree blouse design has to be one of the best from the lot, it’s the moment to show off your sexy back.  This gorgeous blouse design will make sure everybody has their eyes on you. The detailing on the blouse is something to die for, the silver embroidery makes it stand out. You have got to experiment with this one to increase your style quotient!

2. Stripe It Out With Tassels

Go celeb style with these blouse designs, this tassel blouse design with stripes certainly has our heart. The design is unique and fresh and has already captured our attention. You must have spotted superstars wearing the same as well. Make an impression this marriage season and slay in this fancy blouse design.


3. Deep Ruffle Neck

If you are enjoying deep neck blouses with a special design then this one appears like a perfect match, we love the ruffle neck boundary on the back which creates the design stand out. It’s definitely one of the most unique blouse designs to go for if you are fond of the 90’s style as ruffles are all around the vintage vibes.


4. Keep It Minimal

Want to show off that sexy back? This blouse design is one of the most versatile ones, you can wear it with a lehenga or saree, totally depends on you. We are in love with this design as it’s excellent to make a statement on a marriage occasion. If you really want to leave people amazed then you have got to get this blouse in your marriage wardrobe NOW!


5. Keep It Minimal With Florals

We are pretty sure you won’t be able to find more stylish and unique blouse designs. The sequins strap and floral network on the blouse are making us fall in love with this design. You can pair it with both either a saree or lehenga – if you want to be a trendsetter this marriage season then make sure you have this one in your wardrobe.


6. Tassel Game Strong

The style strength seems simple but looks extremely smart and classy. If you are not into testing much with the usual designs then this saree blouse design should work the best for you because of its minimalist approach to designing. This one has to be one of the best lehenga/saree blouse design styles that you can pick to complement your outfit. The tassels are absolutely the highlight of this special design.


7. Ruffled High Neck Blouse

The ruffled high neck is a bit offbeat design when it comes to blouses but the look is definitely worth the experiment. Take the standard game a top-notch with this Jayanti Reddy’s label that has been making the rounds for quite some time. The pure silk blood-red shirt with silver zari embroidery and high ruffled neck is definitely attending to place you on the pedestal. Wear it with silk, red sari, or jute zari, and preferably keep it plain.


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