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Tattoos For Men On Hand

Tattoos never fail to impress, and reaction from viewers is always something that one can expect.

No style of body art draws more attention than tattoos, from facial tattoos to prison tattoos, from black and grey tattoos to colorful tattoos. The potential employers employ them on their wrists, palms, knuckles, fingers, and anywhere they want.

At times, tattoo artists don’t make tattoos because it might be against their principles, or they deny because tattoos on hands and fingers require frequent touch-ups or completely re-doing of the design.

Other artists love freedom and expression of thoughts of tattoo styles on hand and fingers.

A tattoo design shows a brilliant and skilled tattoo artist and a prominent canvas to work.

Listed below are a few tattoo styles that will help you conclude the best tattoo design for you.

Classic American Old School Style:

Are you an old-school person who loves old-school style?

Old school classic Americana is a style of bold outlines, colors, and images.

Old school classic Americana is one of the most loved tattoo styles paired with female figures, ocean and nautical imagery, or fierce animals or groups of roses and hearts.

The tattoo was popular back in the 1930s but is also preferred today.

Knuckle Tattoos:

A ring finger tattoo? Or a tiny tattoo on your little finger and knuckles? Every finger possesses the possibility of becoming a canvas and portraying a great idea with minute tattoos.

Illustrative designs, paying homage to each figure on the finger, can be used on knuckles to depict your emotions and mentality.

Black And Grey Tattoos:

A variety of works have already been done and are a part of this wide range style.

Black and grey tattoos are not limited to the subject matter, but they can portray everything and anything realistically.

Grey shades, made with watered black ink, create a spectrum of shades on the tattoo. 

Portraits On The Bicep:

Tattoos, at times, can be as realistic as portraits which feel like rendering imagery and are a sub-part of this realism.

Artists can achieve very accurate re-editions of people, made in black, grey, and all the colors that one wishes.


It is bold and dominates black lines with geometric lines and shapes. Blackwork is a tattoo style that originates from tribal tattoos.

Tattoo artists have taken tribal art to the next level and incorporated various images and patterns sources of tribal art pieces. 

Palm Tattoos: 

A tattoo on the palm can not always be a good idea. So a thoughtful and careful decision needs to be made before getting it done.

The tattoo on the palm tends to fade faster, usually shorter than the usual period – even if it is bold black lines. It is because the skin on the palm regenerates faster than anywhere on the body, which makes the re-inking sessions of the tattoo faster and constant. It is to maintain the old condition of the design. 

Skull Tattoos: 

A provocative image like a skull is always a good idea for hand tattoos and represents your bold choice. Skull tattoos include elements like flesh, blood, spooky vibes, and colors that enhance the essence of the skeleton idea. 

Skulls are the last body part to decay after death which represents consciousness to the world. They are often used to communicate that men don’t fear death and are inevitable. 

Rose Tattoos: 

How beautiful to get a flower as beautiful as a rose incorporated on your hand? 

Hand tattoos, a contemporary body art, have allowed roses to become a part of it. After skulls, roses form one of the most intriguing tattoos of the tattoo world.

They look excellent and beautiful when colors are added based on the emotions and feelings or situations which transfer another meaning to the keen observer. 

Finger Tattoos:

Be it intricate or uncomplicated, tattoos on fingers are an integral part of the tattoo industry. Your bony fingers are hard to the ink, hence it can be painful to get a tattoo due to the nerve endings. 

Side Tattoos:

The flexibility of the side hand can be used to get a variety of designs inked on your hands, such as meaningful words, phrases, or images. It can be comfortable to fold your hands while the process to fit the words.

A phrase or a word can be better than a complicated design of an image on this part of your body and be less prone to fading.

A wide range of tattoos is available for your fingers as words, small icons, and more.

Other than the tattoos mentioned above, there are a lot of tattoos to choose from as lion tattoos, traditional tattoos, geometric hand tattoos, illusion tattoos, ring tattoos, 3D tattoos, and more.

Hand tattoos are the most complex artistic part of the ink world. They are the most active parts of the human body and are not always a good idea. So remember that there are rules about tattoos when it comes to picking the right style for oneself.

Go, get creative and create your styles by taking inspiration from the above-listed styles. The amount of happiness with the tattoo pain will be worth cherishing.

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