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Thought’s Rachel Kelly On The Essentials For A Sustainable Wardrobe

Creating a sustainable wardrobe is going to be on the list of many people when it comes to making new year’s resolutions and with good reason; the fashion industry accounts for an estimated 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the biggest contributors to Human affected climate change. 

To deal with the issue, many shoppers are turning to more sustainable brands for their clothing and buying second hand, but where do you go when you want a new item that also has minimal impact on the environment? 

Thought Clothing are one of the UK’s leading sustainable clothing retailers and have recently launched their sustainable essentials range. Thought offers a great range of sustainable dresses and clothing options like bamboo socks, culottes and sustainable tops and t-shirts

Here we have compiled some of the thoughts of the fashion company’s co-founder Rachel Kelly, and provided some tips on how to build a sustainable wardrobe.

Why Create The Essentials Collection?

Rachel describes the word essential in a clothing context as something you can ‘wear again and again’ and this reusability can usually only be achieved with high quality clothing that stands the test of time. 

Here’s what Rachel had to say about the essentials collection and the reason behind it: 


“I love our essentials collection because it’s top to toe dressing. It’s a product that we all have in our wardrobe, but the beautiful thing about our essentials is that they are highly responsible, very credible products made from gorgeous fabrications.

So i think if you are going to buy a white t-shirt why not buy a gots fairtrade cotton t-shirt, if you’re going to have a breton, why not have a fairtrade one, because there’s really no reason not to. So it’s all products that we expect to have in our wardrobes, but we have made these pieces in the most responsible way possible and that’s why I love it. 

We were inspired by wanting to show people that actually these small changes can be made in your wardrobe easily and they make a big difference. this can be the entry point for people to start a more sustainable way of dressing.”

How Do You Create A Sustainable Wardrobe? 

Creating a sustainable wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult. Keeping an open mind with where you find your clothing is a key tip, charity shops, used clothes stores and online sites are all great places to start when it comes to finding the right clothing for your look. 

If you can’t find the right piece second hand, going to a sustainable fashion provider like Thought is a great next step, and remember to only buy clothes that you are going to love. The beauty of shopping through sites like Thought and other ethical clothing providers is you get good quality garments that others can love in the future if you lose interest! 

Buying versatile clothing items also means you will be able to swap out different pieces in different outfits, really helping you keep the total size of the wardrobe down. This means you will have to wash less items which will help make it even more sustainable, a lot of the damage is done to the environment after purchase when it comes to a lot of fast fashion, so minimising this impact is essential.

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