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Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

To have long hair is for sure a gift.

Long locks of hair, give you an angelic look.

Although, it is hard to maintain such long hair.

The compliments you get when you got. They make the hard work put in the hair worth the maintaining.

It still can be a pain, to style your long locks.

As important as it is to maintain hair health.

It is very important to style them as well. Working women and students need easy hairstyles for long hair.

That is yet stylish, as they don’t have a lot of time to spend on styling their hair.

Have some easy hairstyles handy.

That suits your long hair.

Hairstyles that also help you manage your hair, in public.

Here is a list of easy yet elegant hairstyles for your long hair.

Long hairstyle.

The Messy Half Up


This hairstyle, Is an easy hairstyle for long hair. The hairstyles are so elegant, yet so simple.

You can style your hair this way for casual outings, to college, or even a party.

It’s an Easy Hairstyle and a long hairstyle.

Here are the steps.

To achieve this hairstyle.

Comb your hair.

Untangle all knots, in your hair.

  • Blow-dry if you want to. Don’t forget to use heat protection.
  • Comb forward the hair, you want to frame your face with.
  • Segregate the top section of your hair. Comb it.

Secure the section with a clutch or clip.

  • Comb the lower section of your hair.
  • Separate the top half of your hair.
  • Frame your face with the hair on your forehead.
  • Brush your hair one more time.
  • Pin any stray hair.

You can add, pretty pins to your hair.

To make the look fancier.

You can add fancy, glittery pins.

You can use a pretty scrunchy or a scarf.

To dazzle the look.

To make the look a little more hip.

You can add small colorful hair extensions as well.

Another variation of this hairstyle is.

Half-Up Top Knot

This hairstyle is a trendier version. Of the half-up hairstyle. Its hairstyle goes, with any casual outfit well and is pretty easy to do.

Easy hairstyles for long hair, long hairstyle for a fun outing. It has pretty much all the same steps as the half-up hairstyle, except instead of tying a lil ponytail on the top section of hair.

You tie the top section of hair into a bun, then pin any stray strands left to the bun as well.

According to your taste, you can either make a high top knot or a lower top knot.

Both these hairstyles are cute and easy.

Braided Space Buns


 This cute yet classy hairstyle is very easy.

Let’s see how to style it.

  1. Brush your hair well.
  2. Separate the hair you want to use for framing the face.
  3. Separate two sections of the top part of your hair.
  4. Braid the two sections.
  5. Brush the lower half of the hair.
  6. Make small buns out of the hair.
  7. Pin the buns.
  8. Frame your face with hair you separated.

Make sure the two buns you make.

Have some space between them.

You can then pin the stray hair.

Ribbon Braid

This beautiful hairstyle.


Is not only easy to create, but it also helps you manage your hair better. Keeps them from forming knots.

Here are the steps.

To make a ribbon braid.

  1. Get a satin ribbon of your choice
  2. Brush your hair.
  3. Separate hair for framing your face.
  4. Divide your hair into 3 sections.
  5. Align the ribbon to one of the sections.
  6. Tie the nonbraided section of hair with the ribbon.
  7. Braid your hair.
  8. Make sure the ribbon is straight and visible.
  9. Tie hair with a hair tie and cover the hair tie with the ribbon.
  10. Tie the ribbon around the hair tie.

To make the look even cuter.

You can add flowers. In between the crevices of the braid.

This easy hairstyle will make you feel like Rapunzel.

This elegant hairstyle.

Can be fashioned with a sundress.

As well as with a gown.

Or even with jeans.

Headband Braids

This hairstyle, makes it look like. You have a braided hairband on. The hairstyle has Princess Aurora vibes to it.

You can create this look by these steps.

  1. Brush your hair.
  2. Separate hair, if you want to frame your face.
  3. Separate the on the forehead, in the middle.
  4. Take the separated sections of hair. Braid them.
  5. Tie the braids with hair ties.
  6. Pin both the braids at the back of your head.

You can add a floral clip, at the back, to pin the braids

You can also use colorful hair to add to your braids.

To give a cute hip look.

Styling your long hair can be easier with these, hairstyles. To get better results, you should improve the health of your hair. Healthy hair is easier to style and looks prettier.

Don’t forget to use heat protection. If you use hair iron or any hair appliance with heat.

With healthy hair and these hairstyles you can save time and still look presentable

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