Best Bridal Blouse Designs For You If You Are A Newlywed, For Sarees

Best Bridal Blouse Designs For You If You Are A Newlywed, For Sarees. 

The thought of wearing that perfect outfit for your special day is natural, and a bride should not go wandering about her bridal blouse designs one day before the day. Don’t worry, as we have got all of it covered for you

We’ve kept everything sorted for you – from backless blouse to fairytale on the back of your blouse – you are going to adorn your outfit of the day #OOTD. 

With new designs being introduced in the market every day, some are eye-catching only for the season, while some are evergreen as Kishore Kumar’s songs. 

A variety of blouse designs are available for you to choose from – from neckline to sleeves, from backless to tassels all over – for your perfect bridal lehengas or your saree. 

Check out the list below and bookmark whatever fits your style and the blouse. 

Fairytale All Over You Back

This blouse design is as alluring as the story curated on the back of the blouse along with jhumkis around it and will not fail to steal your heart.

Such designs are without fail exactly what a newlywed or a bride-to-be is eyeing. Her doli is not less than a fairytale for a bride, and it can’t be any better to have it on the blouse you wear.

The design makes it look more appealing and fascinating as it will not fail to stand out to the audience, and one will not be able to ignore the details all over it.

Heavily embroidered saree or a simple, sober, lightweight saree and the fairy tale blouse are undoubted complementary to each other and make everyone go, ‘Damn girl!’.

Collar Bridal Blouse

It would be incorrect to say that the collars are only meant for men and can be worn by them only.

Not only on shirts and blazers but blouses with your silk saree too can have collars like men. 

There wouldn’t exist any other minimalistic yet beautiful design to dorn with your silk saree. It is meant for the silk season of the year if you are a winter bride.

The Couple On The Back

Just like the grand entry of your doli can be on your blouse, then why not you and your partner? This impressive style is like the fairytale blouse, depicting the bride and the groom on the back.

Along with the couple, you can add meshwork, tassels and sequins to add to the stunning beauty of the blouse and walk with the latest trends of fashion.

Tassels All Over

All eyes to the bride, please!

After suits, tassels are highly influencing what you carry on your blouse.

If you are an experimentalist and want to carry something as different as tassels all over your blouse, then this one is for you.

Crop top or with mere straps, this design would make you look bold and bright and is super comfortable to wear.

This tremendously stylish blouse design has metal or plastic tassels placed closely and fills up the entire blouse to give a fancy look with a long lehengas skirt or a plain one.

Floral Game Strong

Florals are another top-ranking elements of a fashion statement that can make your blouse look unique, simple and elegant.

Floral Net Work and a strap of sequins or mirrors strike a perfect balance and make you fall for the sober design.

To be the style quotient at a wedding, or a festival add a few blouses with floral design to your wardrobe and pair them with a lehengas skirt or a plain saree with a thick border.

High Neck With High Heels

Want to go sassy and classy with what you wear? These subtle and pastel blouse designs of high neck blouses with minimal work would be the correct choice.

With minimum sequin work on the upper corner of the blouse, let the high crop top set the elegance and style for the show.

Oxidized accessory or gold jewelry would add to the ethnicity and simplicity of the blouse design. But what can be a task is the ultimate color choice of the blouse. Do not go wrong with bright colors as pastel colors would be the most suitable and appealing for the blouse.

If you are a lover of heavy accessories and want to top the look for your wedding or a grand occasion, then these are bridal blouse designs for you.

With less tassels and more glamour, these blouses with your outfits are perfect for the day.

And for you to add them to your cart, these minimal and elegant designs of blouses begin at a very low range of prices. So begin your search with shortlisting boutiques and perfect designer showrooms at your budget, and get buying the added jewelry and fabric already.

Let these blouse designs make you look classy this season of joy and wedding.

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