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Top Best Hair Salons In Dubai You Must Explore

Dubai is undoubtedly one of the best places if you are looking to experiment with your hair or want to go for a new look altogether. There are countless hair salons in Dubai, each vying for the position of the best hair salon in Dubai. However, with endless choices, you can quickly end up confused.

We are here to help you make the right choice as today we will list the best hair salons in Dubai. We selected these salons based on the customer reviews, customer service, pricing, and different hair treatment options. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will come out happy and full of confidence.

Top 7 Best Hair Salons in Dubai You Must Visit for Getting a Perfect Haircut in Dubai

1. Rami Jabali

The first on our list of best hair salons in Dubai is Rami Jabali. If you are a Dubai resident, you would have already heard about this salon. The owner, Rami, has a strong social media presence and is widely known for his hair styling prowess. The best thing about this hair salon is its customer service. The moment you walk into their salon, you will feel like family. The workers know how to treat customers and try their best to ensure that each customer walks out happy. This salon offers services for men and women.

2. That Hair Tho (THT)

They truly understand the concept of valuing the customer. Apart from the website, you can download their app to book services. Not many hair salons in Dubai have dedicated apps which is a major turndown. It offers an extensive range of hair services at reasonable rates. It offers a wide range of beauty products. Our analysis reveals that these products are quite good based on customer reviews. A lot of people remarked that they saw positive changes after using the products for a short while.

3. Pastels

The second hair salon which you must explore in Dubai is Pastels. If you check out their website, you will find that is quite innovative and interesting. The same is reflected in their hair services. Regardless of whichever service you wish for, they have an expert on hand. But it is not what makes them one of the best hair salons in Dubai. It is their pricing that makes them a top choice for many.

Like Rami Jabali, this hair salon offers services for both men and women, which makes them a preferred choice for most. Unfortunately, there are still numerous hair salons in Dubai that are only dedicated to women. They don’t realize that men are now equally interested and worried about their hair. Therefore, salons in Dubai must be considering opening their doors to men.

4. Locks by Lou Lou

If you are a woman, it is your one-stop shop for all your glamour and skincare needs. All employees working at Locks by Lou Lou are L’Oréal trained, a testament to its quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. Over the years, this hair salon has established itself as the first choice for women. We highly recommend that you check out this hair salon. They also offer spa services, meaning that you can relax and get a haircut at the same place.

5. Sisters Beauty Lounge

Before we elaborate on this hair salon, take a few seconds, and open their website. It has the best website for any hair salon we have reviewed so far. It is a sign of its commitment to customer satisfaction. One thing that helps this hair salons stand out from the rest is its sustainability credentials. Sisters Beauty Lounge offers hair and other services which do not have any impact on the planet or the people. They believe in the statement that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. They have reduced water usage in their salon, recycle plastic, and offer biodegradable towels among others.

6. Blowout Bar

It is another hair salon that deserves your attention. As the name indicates, if you need a quick, lasting, and professional blow dry with creative hair styling, this is a perfect choice. While this hair salon may not be as glamorous as the ones we have mentioned before, it does not compromise on quality or styling. Undoubtedly, it ranks on par with the top hair salons in Dubai. The only downside is that it does not offer an extensive range of services.


This concludes our list of the top best hair salons in Dubai. We highly recommend that you pay these salons a visit at least once. Do let us know about your experience and leave a review on their website or Google so others can know about it too. Lastly, whenever booking a service, do confirm the price. The reason is that the website may not have the latest prices. You might be asked to pay a lot more than you expected which can ruin the mood.

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